An ode to the timeless 90s

An ode to the timeless 90s

The late 90s was my first introduction to fashion and I remember the ease, simplicity and effortlessness that’s shaped my own style ever since. My goal with Helsa has always been to achieve that slight nostalgic feel that’s classic but still feels special and this 8th drop is no exception. Pieces that surpass the trend of the season and become part of your closet for years to come.

My Minimal 90s

Pants that don’t squeeze, fabrics that were simple but great quality, the dresses that were effortless yet cut a striking silhouette paired with makeup that was minimal and slightly imperfect, either a bare face or a smokey eye like you’d quickly done it yourself. Pieces that still feel timeless today.

Behind the scenes on 35mm Film.
Los Angeles, California.

We’ve shot Helsa campaigns in New York, the Swedish archipelago and Wyoming - this time I decided to make LA and the iconic Frank Loyd Wright house in Malibu our backdrop.

I envisioned the collection as pieces you can dress up or down accessorized with messy smoky eyeshadow and imperfect hair that looks effortless.

How I'd style it

Whether it’s dressed up in a long white deep V tie dress a la Kate Moss, or a casual yet ultra chic pink poplin wrap shirt and a gray oversized trouser. Comfortable organic cotton slacks paired with the softest jersey base layers, poplin shirts in different shapes, compact and go-to knit dresses in black and white. Easy wrap skirts and a new lighter workwear.

Shop the minimal 90s drop exclusively on Revolve and FWRD.

Elsa xx