Hi angels! Welcome to my universe! Im so excited to be able to share this site with you. I had this idea of a little place where you can come and shop my exact looks, read exclusive content, diary and trip recaps, shop my home, and what’s on my wishlist (or just come and get inspired!) and I’m really excited were finally here! 

I’ve been into fashion and design ever since I can remember. At 12 and forced my mom to buy me a sewing machine so I could make the clothes I saw in Vogue magazines I stole from my best friends mom. Yes, it was a struggle, Sweden in the 90s didn’t exactly have an exciting offering. Nor did I have any money, but I would go to the thrift shops, way before they were popular or expensive, and buy coats and jeans for nothing and remake them at home. (That’s why I’ve added a section for vintage I’m obsessing over on this site).

Over the years, I’ve figured out what items stay in my closet forever and what items doesn’t and I’ve come to realize I’d rather save up and buy something timeless with quality over high street fast fashion trends. I know a lot of items I wear are out of budget for many so in the section of my looks I provide some more affordable options as well. 

Thank you for being part of my universe and and sharing my love for style and design. This is just the beginning, I hope you love this space as much as I loved creating it. Please let me know what you’re loving, what you’re missing and what you’re getting!!!